Services + Capabilities

advocacy + lobbying
Axiom is considered Colorado’s top lobbying firm. Axiom lobbyists do their job well and are extremely effective at what they do. Our team members work hard whether they are helping draft legislative language, providing members of the legislature, executive branch agencies or local governments with quality policy and political information, or just being good listeners, Axiom lobbyists have built and maintain strong relationships on both sides of the aisle which results in success in advancing our clients policy objectives within the give-and-take of the Colorado legislative process.
association management
Axiom provides management and specialized administrative services to trade associations and professional organizations. Axiom currently manages associations of varying sizes and annual budgets. Services typically provided include strategic planning, financial management, executive management, membership development, marketing and public relations. Political Action Committee (PAC) management and event planning are also available.
government relations
Axiom employs Government relations specialists who are experts about the law-making process and can identify and monitor important issues that affect a client’s business. Once a client’s issues are identified, Axiom offers advice on how to change or enhance the underlying laws and public policy. Our goal is to ensure that our client’s position is considered in any relevant debate by lobbying public officials, staff, and/or the general public. Axiom team members have knowledge of the system of government and numerous contacts to ensure our client’s business is well represented in the public policy arena.
legislative bill preparation
Axiom lobbyists will identify key members of the legislature to sponsor bills and/or amendments for our client’s legislative issues. Axiom team members work with clients, legislative legal services and legislators to ensure accurate language.
legislative bill tracking
Axiom Team members screen and review all legislation and identify bills of interest to our clients. Personalized bill tracking reports are developed and prepared with daily updates throughout the legislative process.
pac management
Axiom performs a variety of Political Action Committee (PAC) functions. This includes completing filing and disclosure requirements, developing fund raising plans. Axiom arranges candidate meetings and provides recommendations to our clients on political funding.
policy analysis
Axiom will determine which of various alternative policies will most achieve a given set of goals based on a client’s objective.
Axiom will monitor a variety of websites for notice of local and state contracts as they become available for the provision of goods and services. Our team will facilitate communication with key government positions through the process, assist in the RFI (Request for Information) and the RFP (Request for Proposal) process.
regulatory issues
Work with state agencies and key staff on proposed rule changes. Monitor and track filing dates, arrange for comments if necessary, analysis impacts.
administration and staffing
Axiom has staff which can perform a variety of administrative needs for clients. Our team can perform simple office task such as reception, recording minutes, copying of materials, etc. or perform the more complex duties of an Executive Assistant such as arranging meetings, calendars maintenance, event planning, staffing functions, travel, expense reporting, disclosures, social media, websites of office and administrative needs. Axiom has the ability to conduct general research, coordinate polling, surveys as well as maintaining various membership lists.